The Program support various medical faclites in understanding and applying quality standards and obtaining accreditation or re-accreditation through the following steps…

  • Visit the facility, measure and analyze the gap
  • Develop a roadmap for the application of accreditation standard
  • Training and guiding staff and managers on evolution process activities
  • Provide department manager with application plans and response at the real survey time
  • Periodic visits for consultant in different disciplines according to the organization requirement
  • Preview policies and document for all departments and provide the facility samples of those documents as need
  • Provide all required and make sure the files are complete
  • Providing educational lectures to all staff in all department
  • Follow-up the application of standards in all department

Our team also emulates the various activates that are supposed to be conducted during the actual survey evolution to ensure full readiness for the announced of unannounced evolution visit including

  • Review documents
  • review of the files relating tot he employees of the facility
  • Visiting Medical units
  • Review of Medical records
  • Interviews with staff