About Us

  • We offer health training courses through accredited medical cadres such as BLS Course and others in the future, which are accredited by the Saudi Commission for Specialties and the American Heart Association.

  • The health sector in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region in general faces significant challenges to keep pace with the global health system.

The survival and continuity of the provision of health services for medical institutions has become closely linked to the ability of institutions to keep pace with scientific and technological progress and to provide safe medical care based on the best practices demonstrated by scientific research. The rapid growth in our societies and increased awareness among healthcare recipients have prompted medical institutions to carry out many reforms in health service delivery systems and policies.

The challenges faced by health care providers on a daily basis led to the neglect and marginalization of many vital aspects affecting the performance of the institution and quality of service provided significantly and in the long term and may result in a lot of waste in the institution resources and imbalance between goals and desired outcome require Constant follow-up and reliance on the expertise of specialists to apply the best solutions and ensure continuity and development.


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Our Vision

Permanent solutions to be one of the most important medical training centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that achieve levels of quality provided in the contents of training programs and training methods and means.

Our Mission

Providing Training and Development services at a level of high quality, that meet the training needs of health care providers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



Our Target

BLS 94%
Acls 50%
CME 83%
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